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How Node cloud mining works?
The protocol obtains liquidity and currency holding data from various cooperative third-party wallet apps, and can dynamically adjust the transaction volume (division or integration) between multiple DeFi contracts to ensure the best consumption of miners' fees.

At the same time, the protocol provides aggregated information services on exchange protocols and networks, and is deployed on Ethereum and TRON. Through open financial and currency protocol applications developed based on blockchain technology, an integrated and interoperable protocol matrix is ​​constructed to provide a unified liquidity pool infrastructure to serve the open financial network.

The resulting income will be rewarded as interest to all participating users of the protocol.
How do we earn interests?
Node Mining is based on the core asset protocol between Ethereum and TRON. It aims to become a high-yield stablecoin Liquidity Pool, which provides users with the highest return on stable currency interest income in the market. Currently supported currencies include Ethereum-based USDT (ERC20) and TRON-based USDT (TRC20). Users only need to deposit their tokens in the cooperative wallet App to receive interest income periodically.

The Node Mining is a yield aggregator that connects liquidity protocols in the background. Through predictable currency holding data, we can dynamically adjust the transaction volume according to the rise and fall of miner fees, so that users can obtain the highest deposit interest in the market. Users do not need to deposit the currency they hold in the network, but only need to deposit it in a cooperative third-party wallet to obtain the best return. We will evaluate and integrate with more protocols in the future, including hybrid lending platform.
Node cloud user yield per 6 hours
Bronze users: 0.3% return per 6 hours
Silver users: 0.5% return per 6 hours
Gold user: 0.7% return per 6 hours
Platinum users: 0.8% return per 6 hours
Diamond users: 0.9% return per 6 hours
Ultimate Cooperative User:1% return per 6 hours
Invite friends, earn coins
Rules introduction:

1. The invitee must use the exclusive referral link to register to enjoy the corresponding rate of commission rebate. If the invitee use other people or platform links, will not be able to join the rebate.

2. After promoting the rebate system, promote the three-level membership system. For example: A raises B, B raises C, C raises D, D raises E. B becomes a first-level member of A, C is a second-level member of A, D is a third-level member of A, C is a first-level member of B, D is a second-level member of B, and E is a third-level member of B. soon. Tax rebate rules: According to this system, first-level members can get 5% of profits, second-level members can get 3% of profits, and third-level members can get 1% of profits. Among them, each member participating in the platform promotion activities can have N first-level members, N second-level members, and N third-level members at the same time as long as they are invited to promote the refund system. For example: [A's commission] A can get 5% of B's daily mining pool profit, A can get 3% of C's daily mining pool profit, and A can get 1% of D's daily mining pool profit [B’s commission] B can get 5% of C’s daily mining pool profit, D’s daily mining pool profit of 3%, and E’s daily mining pool profit of 1%

3. After the invitee's mining cycle ends, the inviter will contact the online customer service to rebate the commission. The rebate payment time is from 08:00 to 18:00 every day (GMT-4 shall prevail).

4. There is no limit to the number of invited friends for a single account.

5. We do not allow any user to self-invite through multiple accounts. Once verified, all rebates will be cancelled.

We will adjust the rebate ratio according to the actual situation in the future, and reserve the right to adjust the rules of the event. *Pay special attention : Due to changes in the market environment, fraud risks exist and other reasons. We will reserve the final interpretation right to adjust the rebate rules at any time!
Is it safe to use the Node Mining?
Node Mining is a smart contract deployed on Ethereum and TRON, with security audit conducted by Trail of Bits.

Attention: The Node Mining does not require users to deposit assets, nor does it require users to transfer funds to any address. Only the user himself can manage his own assets deposited in the third-party cooperative wallet App through the key, and no one else can control or change the transaction.
Highlights of Node Mining?
One-click Start
Providing an all-in-one solution for retail participants to farm the most attractive yields across selected DeFi protocols with the best interest rates, high liquidity availability.

No-deposit Required
Users only need to deposit their assets in the third-party cooperative wallet App, without depositing to our protocols to receive interest periodically.

High Liquidity
Flexible deposit and withdrawal at any time.

Seeking the most favorable yield by switching among protocols or markets on a pool basis, so to reduce transaction cost.

Most Attractive Return
Supporting a broad range of DeFi strategies for maximized risk-adjusted yield and ROI.
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